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Instructions To Apply

Required to complete your Application:

1. Please review our FAQ before applying. It gives you answers to frequently asked questions from educator and trainer applicants.

(Not required to complete your Application, but required for your profile page if hired:

2. You will be required to complete a demo lesson or training session (no students or trainees required)  to complete your application.  This allows us to see your abilities and builds trust with students that you know what you are doing.

Please review the instructions first and then record your video.

3. You will also be asked for a headshot and intro video.  These are not required for the initial application, but will be required later in the process.  

  • You can submit your headshot by uploading it to Google drive (click here ) or Dropbox (click here) and then paste the link into your application.

  • Please make sure your sharing permissions allow anyone who has the link to be able to view your files.

  • Click the button below for our intro video script.

Click below to Apply:

4. Complete the application by clicking on the "Apply Here" button below.  Please be sure to enter all necessary information before hitting "Submit."