Become a 24/7 Teach Online Intern in our Superstars Abroad Program:

24/7 Superstars Abroad Program

Made specifically for non-native English speakers, we designed our remote internship program with you in mind. Our goal is to help international students fully experience the U.S. startup environment and culture without the high cost of living abroad.

You’ll be working to help develop some of 24/7 Teach’s internal projects, including all aspects of the analysis, design, development, and deployment of our virtual educational services. You will contribute to a startup that bridges technology and education while developing your skill set and professional English language abilities.

Our program includes:

  • Online course and internship in one specialty area (see available positions below) to develop transferable skills and gain work experience with a U.S. company and clients

  • One-on-one mentorship and personal feedback

  • Building a professional portfolio of work

  • Learning and demonstrating ownership, accountability, and leadership

  • Access to a network of U.S. based companies, professionals, students, and educators

  • Improvement in professional English reading, listening, speaking, and writing through coursework, teamwork, projects, and assignments

  • Gaining speaking confidence through hours of weekly team communication

  • Access to a Business English course

  • 3 or 4 month time commitment (part or full time)

During your internship, you will follow an online course to learn about your selected area of interest. This course is designed to prepare you for your intern assignments and give you further insight. All courses are entirely in English and include a variety of materials to improve your language abilities and comprehension. Access to the online materials is $65 per month paid online. Discounts and scholarships are available for motivated, exceptional candidates.

Additional benefits:

  • Paid compensation available during and after internship program

  • Future paid opportunities available after program completion and position qualification

  • Free access to additional various online courses (in English) during the internship, such as public speaking, entrepreneurship, and more.

  • Discounted access to future online courses

  • Gain confidence, an edge in the job market, and valuable contacts

  • Be involved in the fast evolving EdTech industry

  • Participate from anywhere in the world


Internships Available:


Education Development:

Instructional Design and Delivery:


Curriculum Research and Evaluation:


School Design and Research:



Business Development:


Finance and Funding:


Operations and Systems: Design


Design and Development:

Writing and Communications


Audio Recording and Design


Graphic Design and UX/UI:


Web Design and Development:


Video Production and Design:




Our Interns are considered superstars and come from some of the best colleges and universities in the U.S. and across the globe.  

We take pride in the educational experience we offer in our internship programs and are definitely proud that some great schools have recognized that.