Become a 24/7 Teach Online Intern in our Superstars Abroad Program:

24/7 Superstars Abroad Program

24/7 Superstars Intern Abroad Experience

Created specifically for second language English speakers, we designed our 24/7 Superstars Intern Abroad Experience with you in mind. It is a combination of a study abroad program and work internship. You’ll be working in-person to help develop some of 24/7 Teach’s internal projects, including all aspects of the analysis, design, development, and deployment of our virtual educational services. You will contribute to a startup that bridges technology and education while developing your skillset and professional English language abilities. 

Our goal is to help international students 

fully experience the U.S. startup environment and culture. 

Program Overview:

Program Type: Cultural and language experience + work internship

Intern Type: In person (onsite) or virtual (remote)

Location: New York, NY, USA

Language: English 

Duration: 3 to 6 months, starting date flexible

Time commitment: Flexible hours. Choose part or full time. (Part time: up to 15 hours per week. Full time: up to 35 hours per week.) 

Compensation: Unpaid. Paid commissions and entrepreneurial opportunities may be available. 

Work Experience Gained:

  • Meaningful work assignments with responsibility, independence, and creativity

  • Development of specialized and transferable skills

  • Opportunities for cross team projects and company-wide initiatives 

  • Individualized mentorship and feedback

  • Career development support and valuable contacts

  • Professional portfolio development Mentorship:

Language Skills: 

  • Work experience in English with a U.S.-based international company

  • Language immersion and improvement 

  • Specialty area course + other courses available in English

  • Housing and workspace designed for optimal social integration and networking


  • Bimonthly onsite location excursions

  • Cultural immersion

  • Personal growth and development


  • School credits available

  • Arranged housing available

  • Support during the entire process including visa sponsorship and getting settled in NY

  • Future paid opportunities available with 24/7 Teach


  • Support during the entire process

Intern Requirements:

All interns must:

  • Be currently enrolled students or have graduated within 12 months (Onsite interns only).

  • Have finished at least one year of their degree program

  • Choose a specialty area directly related to their academic field of study

  • Have some previous knowledge or experience in their specialty area 

  • Have intermediate to advanced proficiency of English (Level B2+ or higher is recommended)

We pride ourselves on providing meaningful, challenging, and rewarding internships.

Unlike the majority of internships, our interns do not complete any menial work. As an expert in modern education, 24/7 Teach focuses on real responsibility within real contexts in order for students to gain the most beneficial work experience. Interns do not displace regular employees. 

From online platforms to in-person teaching, 24/7 Teach has several projects and services going on at the same time. Interns will interact their specialty team (for example, marketing team) and project team (for example, our university program) as well as be involved in company-wide initiatives. 

Program Costs:

All onsite options: Price includes the entire Intern Abroad program and visa payment.

Recommended options 3 and 4: 

Arranged housing is to ensure optimal networking and cultural, social, and language immersion in addition to avoiding any extra housing related problems and fees.

Option 1: Virtual Program - $400 (per month) 

  • Get the experience without the cost of living abroad. 

Option 2: NY Onsite Program - Housing Not Included - $1,500 (per month)

  • The intern is responsible for arranging housing and any related costs or fees. 

  • 24/7 Teach only provides assistance and advice on housing if needed.

Option 3: NY Onsite Program - Shared Room Included  - $2,500 (per month) - (Recommended)

Option 4: NY Onsite Program - Private Room Included  - $3,500 (per month) - (Recommended)

* Scholarships can be applied to all programs. 

Ask your university, study abroad advisor, or 24/7 Teach representative 

about finding scholarships and sponsors.

Housing includes: 

  • Shared room: With Roommates

  • Private room: No Roommates

Housing includes*: 

Fully furnished rooms with beds, couches, desks, TVs, toiletries, and kitchenware 

  • Communal areas such as lounge, kitchen, restaurants, game center, and fitness studio

  • Utilities, heating and air conditioning, and wifi

  • Full-time front desk attendant and housekeeping available

  • Monthly cleaning and laundry

  • Neighborhood experts to advise on city activities 

  • Planned socializing events

*Amenities and locations are subject to change. 

  • If necessary, interns may place housing requests such as particular locations, pet-friendly, etc

  • Amenities are subject to change. If necessary, interns may place housing requests  such as particular locations, pet-friendly, etc.

Visa Sponsorship:

  • No visa is required to complete the virtual internship. 

  • Sponsorship is required to complete any internship in the United States. Sponsors facilitate the paperwork with the government, provide required health insurance, and coordinate all elements of your personal situation. More information on the J-1 visa and sponsors can be found at

  • In order to facilitate the visa process and keep costs low, 24/7 Teach encourages interns to choose CICD as their visa sponsor. 24/7 Teach is not responsible for any costs associated with the sponsorship or visa process. CICD estimates a 3 to 6 month visa around $1,300 total. The $160 visa cost is already included in the Intern Abroad program fee. Please contact or your CICD coordinator with questions.

Real Context.      Real Problems. Real Work.      Real Learning.


Internships Available:


Education Development:

Instructional Design and Delivery:


Curriculum Research and Evaluation:


School Design and Research:



Business Development:


Finance and Funding:


Operations and Systems: Design


Design and Development:

Writing and Communications


Audio Recording and Design


Graphic Design and UX/UI:


Web Design and Development:


Video Production and Design:




Our Interns are considered superstars and come from some of the best colleges and universities in the U.S. and across the globe.  

We take pride in the educational experience we offer in our internship programs and are definitely proud that some great schools have recognized that.