Become a 24/7 Teach Content Creator:


Are you an Educator or Content Expert looking to earn extra money creating and selling Lesson Plans, Courses, or Trainings?

Publish your original lesson plans, educational activities, and trainings with 24/7 Teach and earn revenue for every time one of your resources is used.

Join us and turn your passion and expertise into your business by:

  • Selling your content and learning materials to teachers and students across the globe
  • Making a real impact on students by directing  their learning
  • Creating Passive income 
  • Use innovative/flexible content creation tools
  • No technical skills needed

You can be a 24/7 Teach Content Creator:


1.   If you already have original content you’d like to share.

2.  If you need assistance converting your existing learning materials into a digital format.

3.  If you want to create new digital content with our free, easy-to-use 24/7 Teach authoring tools.

All content will go through a review process. Our team will check your materials for quality, alignment with your learning objectives, copyright issues, and more.

Accepted content will be published to our platform to be used by other schools, educators, and parents; if your content is not accepted, we will provide feedback, you can edit and resubmit.

What type of content can I create:


We are looking for engaging, interactive curriculum built for blended classrooms, home schools, supplemental education services. We’re currently focused on English Language Arts, Math, English as a Second Language, Science, Art, and Coding .

Some important details:

  • All content should align to one or more common core, state, or next generation standards.
  • Content should be in the the form of 15-45 minute activities. Activities should be comprehensive – in other words, you provide everything an educator or parent will need to implement the activity with their students.

We welcome a number of activity types. For example:

  • Self-Teach: An interactive online instructional activity for students to complete independently

  • Live Teach: A set of teacher and student resources for a classroom lesson

  • Partner Work: A collaborative online activity for two or more students

  • Independent Practice: An interactive online practice activity for students to complete independently

How do I make $$$$$$ being a 24/7 Teach Content Creator:

Schools, educators, and parents pay a fee for unlimited use of all of the resources available with 24/7 Teach.

We’ll track how often each customer uses each resource.

  • The authors who created the resources keep 60% of the revenues from their content.
  • 24/7 Teach keep 40% to pay for hosting your content and marketing it to schools, educators, and parents.

You will receive detailed information and feedback about how your content is used by our users, helping you create relevant resources and earn more money from your creations.

Start the application by clicking on the "Apply Here" button below.  Please be sure to enter all necessary information before hitting "Submit." One of our support specialist will contact you to answer any questions you might have and help you get started.