Audio Engineer and Production Internship

Digital Platform Development Team

We are an education technology startup dedicated to making quality education accessible 24/7. We are looking for talented Audio Engineer and Production Interns who thrives in a fast-paced environment and is passionate about audio production, recording, and the education field. This position will work closely with our Marketing and Production teams and is expected to contribute not only to audio productions, but also to the concepts and strategies behind creative campaigns.


  • Support in the creation of audio mixes and sound design for 24/7 post productions

  • Support in the development of a strong creative vision and direction for all audio productions

  • Support in the performance of  voice-over recordings, sessions, dialog editing and audio treatment as needed

  • Support in maintaining sound quality and broadcast standards during recording sessions

  • Support production and  team and provide creative input as needed.


  • Bachelor’s degree or proof of current enrollment

  • Working knowledge of the Garage Band, Pro-tools, and Logic Platforms

  • Passion towards audio production and design

  • Strong directorial ear with acceptance towards feedback and criticism

  • Ability to work effectively and efficiently in a team with a variety of creative personalities, ranging from video team members, to designers, copywriters, and marketing specialists, or in an individual setting


Our internships are focused on education development, 21st-century skill mastery, leadership development, and analytical thinking. Additional trainings include:

  • Superior communication skills (written and verbal);

  • Audio Production research, evaluation, and design.

  • Project Tracking and Administration

  • Problem Solving: Ability to develop multiple solutions to the same problem and identify the failure mechanisms associated with each.

  • Podcast Production Process


24/7 Teach Interns are challenged to add value to projects and are encouraged to take risks, and think outside of the box. We invest in our interns by providing them with clear direction and leadership for a robust and rewarding experience. Our Interns do not serve as assistants, work on projects that directly generate revenue for the organization, and do not displace regular employees.


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