Azoacha Forcheh - Operations and Human Resources

Azoacha Forcheh first developed her passion for education when she had the chance to start her own tutoring service in high school and see the powerful impact education had on a student from the perspective of a tutor. Her love for education was deepened by two very influential Grade 12 teachers: Ms. MacDonald, her Biology teacher, and Ms. Wilkinson, her ELA teacher. Both teachers always encouraged Azoacha to push past her academic challenges and they gave her not only a great education, but a great foundation for the rest of her academic and professional career.

After graduating from high school, Azoacha decided to explore her other passions, business and technology, and is currently pursuing a degree in Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk Management at the University of Waterloo. In her spare time, she takes on various volunteer roles to improve the quality of education and campus life for her fellow students--such as her past role as the Vice-President of Finance for an on-campus residence council--and she also enjoys learning new skills outside the classroom.