Chelsea Torres - VP of Supplemental Education Services

Chelsea Torres

Chelsea has been a tutor for over 16 years. In that time, she’s worked with students of all ages, in nearly all subjects. She is dedicated to equipping young students with foundational study habits and test-taking skills they can carry into life beyond the classroom. Her passion has evolved into an online resource for students, parents, and teachers called Big Bad Brainery.

In addition to being a lifelong educator, Chelsea has worked in digital marketing for various businesses and loves being a wordsmith.

Chelsea graduated from Rollins College with a BA in International Relations. Her liberal arts background has given her a tremendous appreciation for cross-disciplinary studies, small group learning formats, and multilingualism. The teacher who had the greatest impact on Chelsea was her first grade teacher, Mrs. Angela Morris, because of her attention to students’ whole selves and emotional lives in addition to their academic abilities.