Christian Jantz - Director of Web Development

Christian Jantz has never followed a straight path to accomplish his goals and gave his teachers a hard time by being the tech-loving guy with no interest in writing pages long essays. After realizing there are other ways education can work--thanks to Mr. Lochthove, his history teacher in 12th grade--he started getting deeper into it and even started teaching corporations how to get the most out of tech.

He is also a big fan of Agile principles and loves to go skiing in the spare time he has. Always living for startups and servant leadership, he managed to get 6 teams consistent in productivity--even managing to improve it for a few of them--and implemented new software as a side thing to keep the company moving forward. He's also got a background in open source, loves combining communication and technology, and is looking forward to working with the 24/7 Teach team.