Additional Curriculum Fees

50% of what you will do at 24/7 Teach involves learning.

  • To ensure that you are highly prepared and can immediately receive value from the internship, we ask that you purchase some additional learning materials that will cost $14.99 per month for the duration of your internship.

Why is this important or necessary?

  • We have worked with learners from various educational institutions around the U.S. and the world and have found that not all are equal. In fact, most of them are not teaching the latest skills or providing access to the most up to date resources that you will need to know and have to work for most companies in your field.

We are one of those companies.

  • 24/7 Teach is willing to invest the time and mentorship needed for you to fully participate in your field of study and work within a modern company. Are you willing to make this investment?

Financial Aid and work study available

  • We offer financial aid for those in need. No one will be refused due to lack of financial means.