David Furness - SVP of Marketing

Dave Furness

David Furness is an online marketing & eCommerce expert with a strong entrepreneurial background.  Having founded two startups himself, he has hands-on experience with scaling and growing successful businesses.  David is a respected public speaker and thought leader.

David enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures around the world.  He is passionate about the future generations and wants to empower the next generations to realize their full potential in utilizing current and future technologies.  In his spare time, he is doing his best to lower his Golf handicap.

"The most impactful educator in my life was James Kerfoot, a high school educator in the Manchester state school system.  He was one of the few teachers who always managed to engage and educate a class and made learning an enjoyable experience.  He truly cared about each of his students and gave them the belief that they could be and achieve anything they wanted in life."