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Our objectives are to increase parent choice and to provide access to quality education regardless of location, race, income, or access to technology.

We believe an effective education starts with the adults and we want to understand your needs in order to increase the quality of life for educators.

2. What grade level do you currently teach? *
4. The amount of work I have outside of delivering instruction and communicating with parents is a burden and detracts from my ability to be a highly effective educator. *
5. I am receiving an adequate amount of professional development and training to be a highly effective Educator. *
6. Most educators are evaluated on a one-size-fits-all model which measures test scores, metrics that are outside of their control, includes minimum parent feedback, and are mostly governed by non-educators. *
7. Most educators do not have the bandwidth or the right incentives to fully support students' educational needs beyond test scores. *
8. If you could teach outside of the classroom, potentially make more $$$, and be in control of your curriculum and schedule, would you do it? *
9. There are a plethora of online education resources for students, but many parents and educators have no clear guidance on where to start, how to use them, or their effectiveness.
10. What is your highest level of education? *
11. What areas do you need the most professional development ? *
12. What type of school do you work for? *
13. Would you allow your child or family member to attend the school you work for if you were not teaching them? *
14. Would you like to be contacted with potential teaching, tutoring, curriculum developer, and PD or training opportunities? *