Frequently Asked Questions for Educators, Tutors and Trainers



What is 24/7 Teach?

24/7 Teach is a education management organization that empowers Educators, Schools, Parents, and Students with effective educational tools, strategies, and experiences that make quality education accessible to all. 


Educators/Tutors/Trainers can teach, tutor, or provide training at one of our locations or from anywhere they can access a broadband internet connection.

Where are 24/7 Teach’s offices located?

24/7 Teach’s offices are located in Orlando, FL and New York, NY.

Application Requirements:

How do I apply to teach for 24/7 Teach?

You can apply to 24/7 Teach on our application page. 

Am I applying to teach private tutoring or group classes?

In the application form, you are applying to be a private and group tutor. However, you can indicate whether or not you are also interested in writing and selling a curriculum.

Can I apply to teach a subject that is not currently listed on 24/7 Teach?

Yes. We are accepting applications for Educators/Tutors/Trainers for all subjects, and will launch new subjects on a rolling basis.

Do I need teaching experience?

Education experience is preferable, and will increase your chances of admission, but not necessarily required.

Do I need a teaching certificate?

No, a teaching certificate is helpful and will increase your chances of admission, but not necessarily required.

Do I need to be a content expert to tutor, teach, or provide training in a subject?

As one of 24/7 Teach’s value propositions is to connect subject learners with content experts, being proficient and having experience teaching the subject you intend to teach is generally required. However, we sometimes make exceptions.

When will I hear back from 24/7 Teach?

Admitted Teachers/Tutors/Trainers will hear back from us within one week of submission. If something is missing in the application, we will not accept it.

Do I need a clear background report to work with 24/7 Teach?

Yes, you will need to receive a background report before working with 24/7 Teach.  We have partnered with to provide affordable background screenings for our applicants.  


Pricing and Payments:

How much can I charge for private tutoring, live classes, or selling my educational content (lesson plans, self guided courses)?

I. You set your own prices.  We suggest setting your prices according to the complexity of your content, the demand of subject area, the income demographic of your students/client base, and ultimately the value of your time.

For example, you tutor and teach Calculus, this is a complex subject and classes/tutoring sessions should be priced higher than English (ESL) courses which are not as complex.  (See Charts A and B) 

Chart A: Charge different prices according to content/subject level

Chart B: Charge different prices according to complexity and demand of subject


II.  Also Pricing for Class sessions (more than one student) and One-on-One Tutoring sessions should be different.  One-on-One sessions should be priced higher than classes that have more than two or more students because of the level of individual attention a student/client can receive. The more students in a session the lower an individual student should be charged. 

III.  These are only pricing suggestions and not requirements. You set your own prices.

How much can I expect to earn from private tutoring, live group classes, or content sales? 

I. 24/7 Educators and Trainers are initially paid  50% to 85% of all  the services they provide, and content sold. Their commission rates are determined by the number of service hours provided and amount content sold. Service hours provided are functions of your:

  • Price

  • Availability

  • Quality of your bio, picture, video intro, and in some cases demo lesson

  • Customer reviews

  • Quality and popularity of your content

  • Background check

II.  Successful Teachers/Tutors/Trainers have the potential to teach full-time with 24/7 Teach.

As a teacher, how do I get paid?

Teachers/Tutors/Trainers are paid through PayPal. If you are in a country where PayPal is unavailable, you can cash  out your earnings through moneybookers/skrill. 24/7 Teach offers a 100% guarantee that Teachers/Tutors/Trainers are paid for their teaching.


How often can I cash out my earnings?

Earnings can be cashed out anytime. New earnings are “unlocked” and available for cash out every Tuesday.

How are students charged?

Students are charged according to the services you provide and what they purchase. They pay per live class, course, or tutoring.  

Private Tutoring:

Who sets my price for private tutoring?

Teachers/Tutors/Trainers set their own hourly tutoring rates individually in U.S. dollars.

How many private lessons can I teach?

Teachers/Tutors/Trainers can teach an unlimited amount of private lessons on 24/7 Teach.

How do I get students?

24/7 Teach is working to build a large online learning community. We’ve built tools to give you exposure to this community and match you up with new students.

How much can I expect to earn from private tutoring?

Earnings are a function of your price, availability, and the quality of your profile page. Successful Teachers/Tutors/Trainers have the potential to teach full-time on 24/7 Teach.

Group Classes:

What are group classes?

24/7 Teach Classes are conversation-based group classes designed to help people achieve proficiency with learning objectives in a structured and fun way with real, experienced Teachers/Tutors/Trainers.

How long is each group class?

Each group class is 30 to 50 minutes long, depending on the subject.

How many students are in each class?

Group classes can accommodate up to 12 students.

Which subjects are available for live group classes?

Initially 24/7 Teach  is looking to offer English (ELA), English (ESL) and Math group classes.  Additional subjects will be added based on instructor availability.

Who creates content for group classes?

Teachers/Tutors/Trainers create their own class content. However, 24/7 Teach provides a large compendium of suggested free and for sale class materials and resources.

Do I need to teach group classes if I am admitted as a teacher?

No.  Some of our Teachers/Tutors/Trainers offer only private tutoring/training lessons or create content for sale.

How many group classes will I get to teach?

Slots for group classes are allocated every week based on a teacher’s requests, past performance, and ratings/metrics.

Is there a minimum amount of classes I need to teach?


How much can I expect to earn from group classes?

Earnings from classes are a function of your availability, personal requests, performance and student ratings over time. These factors vary from instructor to instructor.


What do I need to teach on 24/7 Teach?

Teachers/Tutors/Trainers need a reliable internet connection, a fully functioning microphone, and  webcam.

What video technology do I use to teach?

All teaching on 24/7 Teach is done through Google Hangouts (don’t worry - if you’re new to Hangouts, we can assure you it’s very easy to get started and use.

How do I communicate with my students?

All communication with students is done through 24/7 Teach’s messaging system.

Professional Development:

I have never taught online before and I am not comfortable with the computer, what assistance can I receive?

a. Our staff is invested in your success and has developed and is developing various trainings on teaching online, how to use social media, Google Hangouts, and curriculum design for the online classroom.  

b. You can always set up a help session with one of our education specialists by emailing as well.