Digital Platform Development  Team

Game Design and Development Internship

We are looking for Game Design and Development interns to serve on our Digital Platform Development Development (DPD) team .  Game Design and Development interns will be part of the team that is charged with developing our immersive learning platform and experiences.  This extends from supporting the development of simulation logic to developing gaming environments. It is a 40-hour commitment per month initially and a ground-floor opportunity to help build something that will revolutionize learning, connect students from across the globe, and make a quality education available to all students regardless of where they live.


  • Support and influence the design and development of our Immersive Learning Platform

  • Support the design of simulation levels based on scenarios and events depicted in instructional materials used for high school students

  • Spend time in the market to understand common primary problems, and help find innovative solutions.

  • Work with CTO and top executives to define product release requirements.

  • Participate in Company Wide Professional Development initiatives



  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Game Programming, or a related field or proof of current enrollment

  • Candidates with at least 2 years of software development experience and be skilled in the following areas: C++, Game or visual simulation development, Game engines preferably Unreal 4, Game design, Software design, Agile development processes



Our internships are focused on education development, 21st-century skill mastery, leadership development, and analytical thinking. Additional skills include:

  • Code Development and troubleshooting within a team setting

  • Digital platform research, evaluate, and design.

  • Rational game and level design

  • Project management

  • Communication and interpersonal skills (written and verbal);

  • Problem Solving: Ability to develop multiple solutions to the same problem and identify the failure mechanisms associated with each.

  • Simulation and Instructional design



24/7 Teach Interns are challenged to add value to projects and are encouraged to take risks, and think outside of the box. We invest in our interns by providing them with clear direction and leadership for a robust and rewarding experience. Our Interns do not serve as assistants, work on projects that directly generate revenue for the organization, and do not displace regular employees.


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