Hall of Fame

We celebrate those who have contributed to make 24/7 Teach possible.

Stephanie Angert - Instructional Design and Delivery Manager

"The teacher that made the biggest impact on my life was Mrs. Graf, my 4th grade teacher.  She cared about me and allowed me to see that education is a life long pursuit and one of my passions.  I inspire to make an impact on my students as she made with me."  Read More

Glen Fields, Business Development and Operations

"The most influential educator that changed my life was Vonnie Rictor, she was my private tutor throughout high school. Vonnie was the major reason that  I chose to attend college."  Read More

Jackielyn Cabrera - Administration and IDD

"The most influential educators in my life are Lieutenant Colonel Erich Boerner and First Sergeant Clarence Finnie. They both pushed me to my highest limits allowing me to graduate as number one in my class in High School. With their guidance my character was molded and I learned respect and responsibility at a young age. Through their support I received more than 7 scholarships to attend the University of South Florida where I studied for my Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health and Nursing."  Read More

Leon Cato - Marketing

"The teacher that had the biggest impact in my life was Doctor Joseph Franco who was a Sociology professor and career adviser during my Undergraduate studies at Pace University.  Dr Franco was very charismatic, sensitive, demanding and pragmatic as an instructor. As a career adviser he was compassionate and worked very hard for his students. He genuinely cared for his students and helped guide me through the monumental transition from lifelong student to working professional. Most importantly his counsel allowed me to believe I could pursue and realize and dream I was able to imagine. "  Read More

Nyles Teicher, Ed.D. - Business Development and Operations

"The teacher who impacted my life the most is Professor Phil C. Lange, his doctoral advisor. He helped develop my analytical skills and the desire to use technology to improve learning."  Read More

Neal Wexler - Business Development and Project Management

"The teacher who impacted me the most was Dr. Barry, my 10th grade English teacher. He showed me that books could be fun, and weren't just an assignment from the teacher. Dr. Barry was old school, he actually retired the next year, and really brought a sense of wonderment to the world of literature. Dr. Barry would ask us what we thought, he didn't just tell us what the books meant. His love of teaching and the material came through and excited the students. He wasn't teaching so that we could pass some test, he was showing us the magic of literature, and that changed our lives more than any test could."  Read More

Joshua Rothman - Special Projects

"I was most inspired by my high school physics teacher, Mr. Wetzel. Mr. Wetzel was patient and helped me to truly love a subject matter despite the challenges presented in its study.   Read More

Karina Mikhli - Operations and Human Resources

"I credit Mrs. Davis, my 10th grade literature teacher, for fostering my passion for reading and writing.  She made the words and stories they could weave come so alive."  Read More

Sherienne Jackman - Human Resources

"My mom a now retired school teacher instilled in me a love for learning." Read More

Mike Mendelson - Instructional Design and Delivery

"A sociology professor at UC Davis, Ellis Jones, inspired me to question the rationale behind doing things a certain way because that's how they've always been done, and instead to design structures that allow for society to operate at its highest level." Read

Kim Ochs - Instructional Design and Delivery

"Jan Mikrut was the teacher that made the biggest impact on my life. She taught me the importance of empowering students to be creative and to become confident in exploring humanity."  Read

24/7 Teach Intern Alumni: True Up-and-Coming Superstars

Passion. Commitment. Development.

With a passion for technology, education, and entrepreneurship our interns play an integral role at 24/7 Teach. They jump start their career through unparalleled professional development opportunities, actively contribute to their department’s work, and get mentored by our CEO and other executives.

We could not be here without the help of the many talented interns we have had the pleasure to work with, and therefore want to acknowledge them by name.

From all of us at 24/7 Teach, thank you!

  • Kaitlin Beaver (Business Development)

  • Rise Erpelding (Instructional Design and Delivery)

  • Liuran Chen (Marketing)

  • Azoacha Forcheh (Operations/HR and Business Development)

  • Sherienne Jackman

  • Josh Malcolm (Instructional Design and Delivery)

  • Maria Morrison (Instructional Design and Delivery)

  • Rosalie Froom ( Finance and Operations)