OUR MISSION is to make innovative technology, effective systems, and valuable experiences that make education relevant, accessible, and equitable for all.

OUR VISION is to be an education organization that ensures access to quality education for all, regardless of race, location, income, and access to technology.  We will accomplish this by building a team of highly-trained educators, developing effective educational technology and experiences, and supporting innovative schools.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is that a great education starts with the adults and that effective instruction is a product of how all educational resources interact and are orchestrated within a system.  By including the innovative tools and strategies that successful corporations use to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and success of their offerings, we are addressing real factors that inhibit schools and educators from providing quality education for all students.


Our Services and Brands

An online tutoring, test prep, adult learning marketplace and e-learning platform. It connects students and adult learners with live tutors, practice tests, self-guided courses, student analytics and automated lesson recommendations 24/7.  

The school of the future that combines traditional content area knowledge and 21st Century skills to prepare students for jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities that have not been created yet.




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