Josh Malcolm - Instructional Design and Delivery

Josh Malcolm’s personal endeavor has always been to try to understand how people learn and modify learning activities for the learner’s best achievement.  This desire to improve learning has guided him toward a current goal of earning a Masters Degree in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies.  Through his coursework, he has been building practical knowledge in both online course development and systematic instructional design principles through the use of ADDIE derived models.

Working diverse positions has helped him relate to many different types of people and learn about different work styles and motivators.  His background as a Music Educator as well as a Physical Therapist Assistant has provided Josh with great opportunities to team up with a variety of coworkers and clients to complete established goals in diverse settings.  As a life long learner, Josh turns each challenge into a learning opportunity, which has allows him to flourish.

His personal motto about learning: “I am passionate about the power of learning and change for all people. The everyday challenge of finding a better, and bigger way to change the world is contagious. In my life and career I am constantly brainstorming and attempting to create systematic ways to improve performance.”

Josh’s most influential teacher was his middle school and high school band director Marshall Kimball.  He quips that there aren’t enough words to describe Mr. Kimball.  Mr. Kimball focused on sound pedagogical music education while also encouraging creativity.  His driven passion for music and dedication to student achievement bolstered the program to national success.  He had a knack for bringing out the highest command of his students, which garnered increasing respect among his peers.  He has been a great mentor and friend throughout Josh’s career and life.