Kimberly Stanley - Instructional Design and Delivery

Kimberly Stanley believes every student has the ability to learn. She was influenced by her doctoral advisor, Dr. Mike Lindstrom, who successfully assisted her with research into multiple intelligences/learning styles, thus driving her passion for teaching and her mission to help others succeed even further.

As a graduate of the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Kimberly earned a BS degree in Clinical Lab Sciences and practiced in the field of allied health for over a decade. During this time, she developed a love for the medical field and education, as well as a passion to help others. She entered graduate school and obtained her MS in Education from Capella University before moving even further through academia, where she will earn an EdD in Educational Administration through Bethel University. It was during her time at Bethel when she realized her love for healthcare, education, and learning styles could be joined together as one.

She has worked as a teacher on the secondary and postsecondary levels as well as served as an online professor through Antonelli College, where she currently teaches. She believes every student has the ability to learn, if the material is presented in such a way that they may understand it effectively. This is a continual mission and one that will be quite lengthy, yet the outcome will be well worth the investment.