Lany Cox - VP of Business Development

Lany Professional.jpg

I’ve had the great fortunate to have several educational influencers in my life, however one has had more influence on my educational, personal, and professional success.  I met Ms. Jane Eisemann in my freshman maritime course where she helps to shape the future of a fisheries industry and personally demonstrated to me what it takes to be a leader in an industry lead by men.  She helped to shape the person I would become and show the value of work ethic, grit, and determination can achieve.  

On the recommendation from Ms. Jane Eisemann, Lany, was able to take a year after high school and serve on board the M/V Anastasis, a floating hospital ship with Mercy Ships.  She then attended and graduated college in a short 3 ½ years where she graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelors of Business in Marketing.  Shortly after graduating, she began working at the University of Phoenix, where she truly found her passion for education.  She also received her Masters of Education degree.  

Lany has served several positions within business development with several educational entities where she helped to expand and maximize both the clients and influence.  Her work has helped transition the transferability rules and regulations within higher education so that students can achieve their educational goals in a shorter time period.  She has also completed additional leadership and learning academies.