Ledger Kellier - VP of Technology and Integration

Ledger Kellier -If you were to describe Ledger in one word it would be driven. After his graduation from Florida Atlantic with his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering he went on to complete several courses in installing photovoltaic systems at the Florida Energy Center in Cocoa, Florida.

In 2007 aftert volunteering on various solar projects, he obtained a position at AdvancedGreen Technologies as a Renewable Energy Engineer. In this position Ledger designed grid tied and battery based solutions for companies such as Nike, Glaxo-Smith Kline and Fort Knox. In addition to his design work he also devised solar forecasting methods used company wide and implemented various data monitoring methods to realize power production for Power Purchase Agreements and other production based guarantees.

After fulfilling his role at Advanced Green Technologies, Ledger went on to co-found Green Solar Transportation. Using his knowledge of solar and electrical engineering, and seeing the need he devised a way to integrate solar power into long haul trucking and emergency vehicles. His patent pending solutions are capable of reducing the fuel consumption in long haul and over the road trucking by 17%. Introducing this technology to companies such as McDonalds and Coca Cola , allowed them to realize a reduction in the capital expenditures of these companies by $500,000 annually per distribution center, an extended use of normally perishable items, and improved driver efficiency. 

Ledger was fortunate enough to come from a family of educators.  They helped shape his formative years and gave him a thirst for education, however the teacher that made the greatest impression was his 10th grade SECME teacher  Mrs.Abbey O'Connor.  She was able to make a connection with him which helped shape who he is  today and for that he is eternally grateful.