Lee Palco - Instructional Design and Delivery Consultant

Lee Palco is a double degree graduate with a  Bachelor of Science in Education major in Guidance and Counseling and AB major in Psychology in De La Salle University, Philippines. His love for teaching dates back from his high school years in PAREF-Southridge wherein he first taught catechism to Grade 1 students. The three years of non-professional teaching experience led him to pursue education. After graduation, he taught Technology and Home Economics to Grade 3 to 6 students and Mechanical and Architectural Drawing to high school students. He has also worked as a tutor for four years teaching all subjects while working in the call center industry. Due to conflicting schedules and other circumstances, he stopped teaching and tutoring. After six years of call center experience both in customer and financial services, he thinks that teaching found its way back to him through 24/7 Teach.

He believes that apart from experience, reflection comes next as a better teacher. He also believes that knowledge without values and social responsibility is not education. These thoughts were inspired by his Filipino Literature high school teacher, Dr. Michael Coroza, currently a professor in Ateneo De Manila University, and his college NonFormal Education Professor Louie Montemar, who is still teaching in De La Salle University. These two teachers helped him develop a keen eye on everything and prioritize human values over knowledge.