Liuran Chen - Up-and-Coming Marketing Superstar

Liuran Chen has a passion for education, social media, and digital marketing. He found his passion for education, especially ESL education through the ESL courses taught by Professor Irene Belyakov-Goodman at SUNY Geneseo. Her teaching methods and enthusiasm greatly helped Liuran improve his writing skills, and later on, allowed him to work for her writing courses as a teaching assistant. The overall learning experience in Professor Belyakov’s classes established the foundation for Liuran's professional career beyond the classroom.

As a social media enthusiast, Liuran worked for a small tech start-up as a marketing intern and monitored the company’s social media accounts. He utilized these media to increase the company’s online presence and promoted its services on a daily basis. Liuran also worked for a marketing and advertising firm as a market research intern in a multilingual environment. He authored articles and developed successful customer relations in Mandarin, Japanese, and English.