Neal Wexler - Business Development,Project Management

Neal  has been a leader in the cloud based software industry for over 13 years. Neal is an award winning, successful producer spanning E-commerce, Payroll, Expense Management, and Price Analytic platforms, selling direct as well as through strategic channel partners, to companies ranging from 50 employees to fortune 500 companies.

The teacher who made the biggest impact in his life was me Dr. Barry, his 10th grade English teacher. He showed Neal that books could be fun, and weren't just an assignment from the teacher. Dr. Barry was old school, he actually retired the next year, and really brought a sense of wonderment to the world of literature. Dr. Barry would ask Neal and his classmates what they thought, he didn't just tell them what the books meant. His love of teaching and the material came through and excited the students. He wasn't teaching so that they could pass some test, he was showing them the magic of literature, and that changed Neal's life more than any test could.