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We are qualified educators and education management professionals with over 60+ years of program management, business development, community outreach, marketing, and web security experience.

Executive Team

Justice Jones - Chief Executive Officer

"The most influential educator in my life is Rebecca Stanford. She was an educator in the Newark, New Jersey Public school system and she exemplified how education and dedication could empower a community and lead to personal freedom."  Read More

Widlyne Antoine-Filion - Chief Education Officer

"I was inspired by two teachers, Mrs. Pascale and Mrs. Nikolas.  Mrs. Pascale would allow me to teach her fifth grade class in her absence because she noticed I had a keen interest in teaching others. Mrs. Nikolas, my middle school teacher at Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Boston, taught me the values of appreciation, respect, and responsibility when it comes to education."  Read More

Diallyo Diggs - Chief Financial Officer

"One of the biggest educational influencers on my life was my fifth grade teacher, Dr. James Irby.  He showed me the value of a great educator and how a proper education could open up the world to an individual no matter what their status in life."  Read More

Logan Best - Chief Technology Officer

"The biggest influential educator for Logan was his high school teacher James Bauernfeind. He was an educator in Mt. Juliet, TN, teaching both Criminal Justice and Broadcast Media Production as well as lead annual trips to Europe with his family and friends and openly invited his best students. His mentorship was top notch and drove his peers to excel in their strengths."  Read More

David Golkin - Chief Operations Officer

"The most influential educator in my life was Jim Campbell, my 6th-grade teacher. Mr. Campbell made learning fun and filled every lesson with humor and real-life application where at times our class knew he was teaching, but didn't realize we were learning. I have become a lifelong educator and learner because of Mr. Campbell's influence on my early learning experiences." Read More

David Arnstein - SR. VP of School Design

"The teacher who had the biggest impact on me was my High School English teacher, Peggy Montgomery.  Miss Montgomery saw potential in me that I had no idea was there.  She encouraged me to write, to join the staff of the literary magazine, and to participate in class performances of poetry and plays.  Miss Montgomery had high expectations for my work, and I strived to meet and exceed these expectations.  Through her support and guidance,  I became a confident and self-directed learner - and developing those skills changed my life."  Read More

David Furness - SR. VP of Marketing

"The most impactful educator in his life was James Kerfoot, a high school educator in the Manchester state school system.  He was one of the few teachers who always managed to engage and educate a class and made learning an enjoyable experience.  He truly cared about each of his students and gave them the belief that they could be and achieve anything they wanted in life."   Read More

Leadership Team

Ledger Kellier - VP of Technology and Integration  

"I was fortunate enough to come from a family of educators .They helped shape my formative years and gave me a thirst for education, however the teacher that made the greatest impression on me was my 10th grade SECME teacher  Mrs.Abbey O'Connor.She was able to make a connection with me which helped shape who I am today  and for that I am eternally grateful."  Read More

Erica Oscar - VP of School Design

"Mrs. Cromartie, my 5th grade teacher, invested time and passion in ensuring my growth during my primary and secondary years of schooling. She made sure to build a strong foundation for me and my classmates and taught us that this foundation could be used to be our guiding light throughout our lifetimes. Read More

Chelsea Torres - VP of Supplemental Education Services

"The teacher who had the greatest impact on Chelsea was her first grade teacher, Mrs. Angela Morris, because of her attention to students’ whole selves and emotional lives in addition to their academic abilities." Read More

Chavenus Struble - Director of HR and Operations

The professor who had the biggest impact on my life was Dr. Eric Bridges. He is a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at Clayton State University. Dr. Bridges showed me that true learning isn’t achieved by just lecturing and assigning textbook concepts for students to memorize, but by also teaching in an enjoyable way that makes those concepts memorable, relatable and useful to everyday life.  Read More

Katherine Forsberg - Director of Instructional Design and Delivery

One of the biggest influences for Katherine was her middle school science teacher, Thomas Meagher, who had a talent for tapping into his students’ intrinsic curiosity and wielding it into a profound learning moment.  Read More


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