Rise Erpelding - Instruction Design and Delivery 

Rise has always known that education would be a big part of her life. A large part of her coursework for her BA in Sociology from the University of Portland in Oregon was devoted to studying how education affects social development. After graduating, she taught English as a foreign language to high school students in Okinawa, Japan. After two years, Rise returned to the US to live in Florida, where she decided to pursue a teaching certificate in middle and high school math, seeing this as an opportunity to pursue her long-lost passion for math. While obtaining her certification, she worked as a teaching assistant, working with high school students taking online courses. This experience sparked her interest in online learning, and she began an MS in Instructional Systems & Learning Technology with an emphasis in Online and Distance Learning at Florida State University the same year that she began teaching Geometry and AP Statistics. Rise plans to graduate in August 2015.

Rise's most influential teacher growing up was Mrs. Jennifer Grems, her 11th grade Honors English teacher. Mrs. Grems always pushed her students to dig deep and strive for the highest. She at times seemed to have more energy than all of her students combined, and made Rise see literature as much more than an interesting story.