School Administrator Survey

Our objective is to ensure access to quality education and human development for all, regardless of race, location, income, or access to technology.

We believe an effective education starts with the adults and we want to understand your needs in order to increase the quality of life for administrators.

2. What is your title/role? *
4. I would like to make my school's in-house professional development and trainings more efficient and accessible for my staff and parents. *
5. I would like to purchase additional professional development and trainings for my staff and parents. *
6. I would like to generate more funding and notoriety for my school by selling our in-house Professional Development, trainings, and unique curriculum to other schools. *
7. I would like an effective way to have our best teachers reach more of our students, without increasing student/teacher ratio. *
8. I would like an effective way to reach students outside of our school and increase our student enrollment/tuition/funding base. *
9. I would like to offer our best educators additional income opportunities. *
10. I would like a cheaper way to expand our curriculum by purchasing subject courses from top schools and educators. *
11. What type of school do you work for? *
12. Would you like to sign up for a product demo and monthly newsletter? *