Michael Lepper - Business Development Advisor

Michael Lepper started his career as an educator.  He has extensive experience in educational sales,  service management, and sales training in start up and national corporate environments.  

He is a results focused sales/marketing manager and has lead market expansion and organizational development throughout 11 Northern US states. He prides himself on being an aggressive negotiator and relationship-oriented closer who has successfully built strategic partnerships across US and has guided sales teams to 20-50% successful revenue growth each year in last 3 experiences. Additional professional interest include corporate training, curriculum development, and marketing material creation. 

Additionally, the teacher that made the biggest impact on his life was Jim Campbell, his 6th grade teacher.  He made learning fun and filled every lesson with humor and real life application where at times he knew he was teaching but his students didn't know they were learning.  Shawn has became a life long educator because of Mr. Campbell's influence on his early learning experiences.