Stephanie Hook - Instructional Design and Delivery

Stephanie Hook is an educator with a love for the arts and an admiration for the tradition of academic scholarship.  She was greatly influenced by her first year poetry professor, Matthew Fleming who taught her that language is a key, that when used thoughtfully, can unlock the secrets of the human heart.  As a student of theater and literature at Mills College in Oakland, California, Stephanie learned that hard work truly does pay off as she found herself both taking on leading roles on stage and honors for academic excellence in the classroom.

She has worked as a special educator and tutor for the past four years and provides differentiated sensory-cognitive instruction to a dynamic range of students, each one with academic goals as unique as their personal backgrounds. She loves her work and feels enormously gratified being both a catalyst for, and witness to her students’ progress. There is nothing quite so thrilling as to hear someone who was once a non-reader, cautiously read the opening lines of their first book. However, with an eye to the future advancement of education, Stephanie is driven to contribute her strengths to a larger classroom, utilizing her teaching experience and entrepreneurial energies to innovate education technology.

Throughout her years as a student and educator, she has observed both the trends and gaps in resources for learners, and regards technology not as a trend but as the future of education: essential for providing all youth and adult communities with the access they need to gain academic and professional enrichment. Although she is new to the world of technology innovation, Stephanie contributes her passion for education, instructional experience and creative mindset to the 24/7 Teach mission as an intern within its Instructional Development and Delivery team.