Student Educator Internship

We are looking for Student-Teacher interns who share our passion for technology, education, and equality to assist with teaching or providing training to our students. The Student Teacher Intern works under the guidance and supervision of master educators and mentors.  The position will ultimately offer the opportunity to learn from educators while having various tasks which allow you to be involved with classroom management, instructional design, and student mentorship  .It is a 48 hour commitment per month initially and a ground-floor opportunity to help build something worthwhile.


  • Assist teachers in developing strategies for efficient instruction; learning from an experienced educator and developing your abilities in creating lesson plans for  students, ages 11 - 19, through the utilization of educational technology.

  • Assist with the facilitation of classroom discussions, correcting/encouraging students, and ensuring that students receive innovative learning experiences.

  • Provide Mentorship to instructional guidance to students

  • Participate in Company Wide Professional Development initiatives


Our internships are focused on education development, 21st-century skill mastery, leadership development, and analytical thinking. Additional training opportunities include:

  • Actual classroom and online teaching experience

  • Lesson planning and finding creative learning solutions

  • Educational strategy and implementation

  • Development of instructional and communication skills

  • Mentorship from top educators from across the country

  • Instructional Design and classroom management


  • Current college seniors or grad school students with proof of enrollment, preferably with degree or focus in teaching, education, educational technology, or a related field.

  • Experience with Microsoft Office Suite, Google for Work Suite, LMS, or instructional technology.

  • Interest in learning from and assisting experienced educators.

  • Outstanding interpersonal communication skills.

  • Proven ability to set priorities and manage expectations.

  • Positive team player with a comfort with ambiguity and proactive approach to problem-solving.

  • Confident in leading a group and initiating activities, working independently and team teaching.

  • Comfortable with public speaking to small or large groups.


24/7 Teach Interns are challenged to add value to projects and are encouraged to take risks, and think outside of the box. We invest in our interns by providing them with clear direction and leadership for a robust and rewarding experience. Our Interns do not serve as assistants, work on projects that directly generate revenue for the organization, and do not displace regular employees.

This is a tremendous opportunity for students to gain start-up and general business experience, improve their specific technical skill sets, and help build something that will have a great social impact.

Key value points to consider about this internship:

  • The position is remote and can be completed from any where there is broadband internet.

  • Offers extensive learning  and professional development opportunities.

  • Has a flexible schedule that allows you to take advantage of other opportunities including School, other internships, and or Jobs.

  • Is great for building your resume.

  • You will work on real projects and not menial tasks.

  • You will be under the instruction and guidance of another teacher who aims to both develop your teaching abilities and grant you opportunities to implement your own teaching strategies.

  • When the internship is complete, you will receive a digital portfolio of your achievements, skill badges, and a Letter of Recommendation.


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