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Our services spur competition, collaboration, and innovation among educators and schools.  They offer parents greater resources through analytical data to evaluate and choose education options for their children.  We provide independent creators of education and curriculum a national market. In addition, we also provide individualized guidance on how to create effective instruction.  

Our Services:

  • Are accessible anytime, anywhere an internet connection is available

  • Increases financial opportunity and accountability educators

  • Lowers cost of high quality education and create greater access for parents/students

  • Can be utilized as an alternative education option for parents/students

  • Increases control, ownership, and engagement for parents

  • Creates more choice, innovation, and competition where all direct stakeholders benefit  

  • Globalizes education and reduces inequality and segmentation

We believe an effective education is a product of how all educational resources interact and are orchestrated within a system.
— Diallyo Diggs, Co-Founder