Who will you be today?

Friday's message to the 24/7 Team:

Team, we talk about pedagogy a lot in our organization, and as you all know, our pedagogy supports project-based learning and portfolio-based assessments.  This year we’ve embarked on some extreme endeavors, and we’ve learned that for our students and organization to be successful, we have to take our pedagogy to deeper levels.  Levels that go beyond the programming we offer, to indeed affect the inner beings of the people we touch.  We’ve all heard the quote “You are what you do,” and this explains that the person you are is based on the things you repeatedly do, your habits.  A person’s success is not solely based on one’s intellectual abilities, but on the habits they have and the person they choose to be on a daily basis.  Thus as an education organization, those are the ideals that we have to focus on.  What habits can we instill in ourselves, our learners, and the families we support.  Our mission over the next few weeks is to finalize a list of standards that perpetuate the habits of a successful person, called the “24/7 Success Standards”.  These standards are the combination of all of the executive functions, project management techniques, and soft skills that will allow someone to experience positive outcomes in any educational, professional, or personal endeavor.  These standards will supersede the need for learning classifications, and provide an even playing field for all students to have the confidence to show and develop their genius.   Thus a new level of education is born, the “24/7 Success Standards”, instilling the habits of success in all students.  

Remember our objectives of opening 100 schools, training 1000 educators and parents, and serving 250,000 students by 2025.  The 24/7 Success standards are the foundation of it all!   Have a great Friday, and remember you are what you think and do.   Who will you be today?