Convert Your Passion for Education into Power for Students

Traditional on-campus educational venues served students and educators well in past decades, but our fast-paced technology rich world of the 21st century demands a more fluid, adaptable approach that eliminates financial and geographic boundaries. creates an environment uniquely sensitive to the needs of the instructor and the pupil. The platform provides opportunity for both asynchronous and live online training sessions to accommodate varied schedules, multiple time zones and diverse learning styles.

Benefits for Educators

Features in the toolbox for educators include options that support one-on-one live tutoring sessions, curriculum development and modification tools, video creation software, and assessment and progress tracking modules.

  • Create podcasts and interactive lectures for students that support self-directed study.
  • Keep students and parents informed with a virtual school blog.
  • Develop personalized curriculum for diverse learning styles.
  • Stay connected 24 hours a day, or establish office hours based on your class.

Establish Your Own Educational Business

Teachers are passionate about education and student development. Information in isolation lacks substance. Information that inspires thought, sparks creativity and empowers self-direction is knowledge – knowledge that breaks down the barriers of social injustice and inequality.

The virtual environment of creates web-based channels to develop, distribute and sell curriculum and training material online without the financial burdens of brick-and-mortar building costs, printing and publication expenses, and other expenditures associated with traditional venues.

Create a revenue stream that appeals to other educators, business consultants, professional development officers and tutors with lower costs and measurable results.

The interactive model encourages student engagement, two-way communication and active collaboration to boost knowledge acquisition and retention.

If you're passionate about education, interested in sharing your passion with students and clients, and want to inspire and empower others to pursue their dreams, register for more information about today.