I need your help, fast!!! The questions of a sleep deprived entrepreneur....

Are you hoping for success or ensuring it?

Are you hoping for success or ensuring it?

Team, I couldn't sleep much last night and there were a lot of voices in my head asking are we good enough to pull this off, am I giving everyone what they need to be successful in their responsibilities? Is everyone really owning this opportunity or are we renting it?  What is my context around this work, what context am I holding for this team, and where are we at as a company? 

Very interesting conversation to have with yourself at three o'clock in the morning on a Saturday night.  As I thought about our strengths and weakness, I replayed some conversations of our last meeting in my head along with conversations I had during the week. I kept coming back to the idea of context, (our way of being and what gives us purpose and meaning to what we do and why).  

What has our context been?  In some areas it has been strong and others poor, consequently the results show.  We are a good team, but we can be a great one, and the quality of our performance is derived from our context.   

How are we being for each other, how are we being with our responsibilities, and most of all how are we being in our lives?   (The most important elements of success for Entrepreneurs)

These questions are on repeat.  Are we owning this opportunity or are we renting it?  Are we hoping for something good to happen or are we going to ensure something great happens? 

I am thinking it is all in our context.

The more I stop to answer a question the more questions are being asked.

What is at stake here?  What are we putting on the line for our futures? 

Questions for my team?

What am I putting on the line for you?  

Am I giving you my all?  

Am I telling you about the problems and not bringing solutions to the table? 

Am I giving you excuses?  

Am I not asking for help when I need it?

Am I not thinking outside of the box to overcome challenges?

Am I not willing to sacrifice and be uncomfortable for you? 

Am I holding you accountable and am I helping you hold me accountable?

Am I playing to win this game or am I playing not to lose? 

Am I hoping for success or am I ensuring it (God willing of course)?

Am I facing my weaknesses and working to make them my strengths?

Am I being supported and am I being supportive?

Am I providing you enough feedback?

That was my Saturday night/Sunday morning.  The voices were racing to answer those questions and then it hit me.  I can't answer those questions about me.   Only my team can tell me what context I have been holding and how I have been serving them?  

This is why I need your help, and this is how you can help me.  Figure out the context you are holding in your life by:

1. Looking at the chart below and answering these questions for yourself. 

- Are you owning or renting your life? 

- Are you living the life of an Employee or Business Owner?

- Are you hoping to achieve what you want in your life or are you ensuring it? 


( Hope: the feeling of wanting something to happen )

( Ensure: to make something certain )