Distance Learning Solutions for Critical Shortage Areas in the US

We Can End Critical Shortages in Education!           Source

We Can End Critical Shortages in Education!          Source

Every state in the US reports critical shortage areas for skilled teachers in multiple disciplines. Districts face the difficult decision not to offer high school students access to math, science and ESL classes or to assign teachers without adequate educational credential to teach these essential courses to meet graduation requirements.

While many states across the nation struggle to find financial solutions to boost retention and job satisfaction rates for educators serving students in rural areas, other states consider alternative solutions to overcome environmental issues that lead to high turnover rates.

In Mississippi, which has 48 critical needs districts (those with severe teacher shortages), school leaders attempt to cope with housing shortages and lack of community social activities with higher salaries and incentives to attract "top-performing" educators.

Education advocate Andy Mullins told the Hechinger Report if he "had a magic wand (he) would create a separate wing in a school . . . to teach children from generational poverty; a wing where teachers . . . who taught kids from undisciplined environments would make double what teachers make when they teach kids who are upper- to middle class.”

You don't need a magic wand to achieve greater academic success. Virtual classrooms and highly effective teachers in virtual schools solve critical shortages of financially strapped districts and effectively meet students' educational needs.

  • Virtual classrooms eliminate housing shortages, lack of entertainment and other factors that lead to high teacher turnover rates in rural communities.
  • Online learning environments aren't limited by geographical boundaries.
  • School districts face lower training and professional development costs.

Virtual schools allow school districts to recruit top talent from anywhere in the world -- without bearing the burden of relocation packages; teachers don't have to relocate to accept a teaching position in critical shortage areas. It is a win-win-win -- teachers earn higher salaries, school districts save money, and students gain access to courses that improve academic outcomes.

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