Tutoring Safety Tips

247 TEACH, LLC, it’s websites, and subdomains (247teach.org, 247learningacademy.com, 247learningcenter.com, 247digitalclassrooms.com) understand the importance of your safety. As an independent tutor, teacher, trainer, or consultant we recommend you take the following steps to ensure a secure experience.

Have an adult present

An adult should always be present for tutoring or private training sessions if the student is under the age of eighteen.

Interview prospective customers

Remember, the interview process goes both ways. You're encouraged to ask prospective students, parents, and or clients about themselves and even request references.

Feel free to say "no"

As an independent tutor, you are never obligated to accept a particular tutoring opportunity. If something about the opportunity doesn't appeal to you, just wait for the next one.

Keep Personal Information Private

Do not exchange personal contact information.