24/7 Teach - Up incoming Superstars

 Maria Morrison


Jonathan Polster has eight years of high school teaching experience and ten years of summer camp directing experience. He has his Bachelor's degree in Integrated Language Arts Education and is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Instructional Technology. He currently serves as instructional technology specialist at a school for the disabled. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, concerts, reading, and dining. One professor who has truly impacted Jonathan is the late Dr. Najee Muhammad, who taught Critical Cultural Studies at Ohio University.

  Jake Wasserman

Jake Wasserman

I am a BBA student with emphases in finance and accounting with a minor in applied statistics at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, my focus is on analytical financial work.

My personal mission is to positively benefit the world, creating further value and helping others in an ethical manner by utilizing my knowledge and skills to the stretch of their abilities.  I have a passion for the education sector, as in high school I tutored both underprivileged lower school students and local high school students.



Helen Lee joined 24/7 Teach as a Human Resources and Operations intern. She is currently a junior double majoring in Business Administration and Media Studies at the University of Berkeley, California. Helen joined 24/7 Teach because she believes in the power of education in changing people's lives. She is also extremely passionate about human resources since she finds great value in helping others achieve their goals at work and find a fulfilling career path. The teacher that impacted Helen the most was her 9th grade English teacher, Miss Cheung. She inspired Helen to embrace the opportunities she encounters in life and never give up on exploring the world.



Ishaan Agrawal is a current sophomore at the University of California @ Berkeley and intends to apply to the Haas School of Business with a concentration in finance after his second year. He is an active member of the school’s Rubik’s Cube class as well as the Founder and President of the Poker @ Berkeley club, and enjoys teaching and spreading his passion with new Berkeley students.

Ishaan is inspired by his high school calculus teacher, Mr. Dybdahl. He imbued in Ishaan a love of learning through his passionate teaching and commitment to better educate and engage his students.

Bernice Wong


I am a third-year undergraduate student studying at the University of California, Berkeley. I studied English and Computer Science, and now I live this wonderful intersection between technology and humanities through design. There are two lessons that I have learned in life: 1. Learning is a human and emotional experience. 2. No one deserves to look stupid. I have found that the latter is the responsibility of a designer.

I discovered the first lesson through my 9th grade World History teacher, Ms. Fry. Her unconventional but remarkable way of teaching convinced me that anyone could fall in love with any subject if they were just explained as interestingly as Ms. Fry taught it. 
This value now stems at the very core of my designs: to transform complexity into something that can be easily understood by everyone