24/7 Teach - Superstars

 Maria Morrison

Poorvaja Prakash

Poorvaja Prakash is currently pursuing her Ed.M in International Educational Development at Teachers College. She has five years of experience in the education and development sectors in India. She is an alumnus of the London School of Economics (LSE) with a Master’s degree in Development Management (International Development) and pursued her undergraduate studies in Economics from Stella Maris College, India. Poorvaja is an avid tennis fan and loves all kinds of music. She was inspired by her professor, Ms. Chandunissa who taught Micro-Economics at Stella Maris College  to pursue a career in development and education.

  Jake Wasserman

oliver Batchelor

My educational philosophy stems from one central belief: In a world of constant change, both educators and students must be willing to adapt. As a student in college, I frequently encountered peers with sharply contrasting abilities in the classroom. Since completing my Library Science degree in 2009, I’ve been assisting students of varying ages, subject interests, and scholastic aptitude. I am currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Instructional Design in order to transform education so that others can transform themselves. 

As a professional educator, I often remember my favorite teacher who inspired my love of lifelong learning: Mario Johonson. When I was a high school student at a small private school in Southern California, Mario taught me to question everything and to seek out new knowledge whenever possible. 

 Akshata Valsraj

akshata valsraj

Akshata Valsraj is a software engineer with extensive experience having worked with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), for over four years. TCS is a global leader in IT services and consulting and as a software developer, she has worked on the development and maintenance of several software applications for various customers around the globe. Prior to joining TCS, she volunteered for The Akanksha Foundation, Mumbai where she helped children with English and Math. She is very passionate about teaching because she was deeply impacted by her 8th grade Science teacher, Ms. Firoza Shroff whose unique teaching methods helped her realize her interest in STEM subjects and inspired her to pursue an Engineering degree. She holds a Bachelors in Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi University, India.


 Courtney R. Herbert

courtney r. herbert

Courtney has served in numerous areas of education for the past seven years. Her experience as a high school English teacher and technology coordinator have given her a broad sense of how to approach instructional design. She was inspired by her own high school English teacher, Mark Stanfield, to pursue English education as a career. Currently, Courtney works as a technology consultant in higher education, and is working towards her Ed.D. in Instructional Systems Design and Technology.

Michael Darden


Michael Darden has worked to address a spectrum of inequality issues in healthcare, education and other areas. And he's increasingly deployed technology tools in an effort to bridge the gaps. 

Michael Darden graduated from Harvard University's Radcliffe Publishing Course as well as the University of Virginia, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and minored in history. In May 2018, Michaelexpects to obtain a Master of Arts degree from Columbia University's Teacher's College, via its online-only Computing in Education (Instructional Design-concentration) program.

Jean Liebenberg is a standout among numerous, amazing teachers who taught Michael he could dare to dream and help create a world where others would feel free to do the same. 

Alicia Erlinger

 Alicia Erlinger

Alicia Erlinger is a 20-year veteran teacher who has a passion for theatre and educational technology.  Outside of the classroom she has worked with the California Department of Education Model Arts Network to bring quality standards -based arts instruction to secondary schools, served as a reviewer of digital resources and online courses for the California Learning Resource Network (CLRN), provided professional development in educational technology as Technology Lead Teacher, and was named Orange County Theatre Educator of the Year for her work in developing theatre curriculum. The most influential teacher who had an impact on her was Charles Schiller of Laguna Beach High School.  He was a teacher who challenged, nurtured and instilled in his students the appreciation and love of literature, especially Shakespeare.  She has a BA in English/ Theatre from UC Berkeley and a MS in Instructional Design & Technology from Cal State Fullerton.  

Chavenus Forrest

 Chavenus Forrest

Chavenus Forrest

Chavenus has a BS degree in Psychology and Human Services. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Human Resource Management at the University of Houston – Clear Lake. She joined 24/7 teach as a Human Resources and Operations Intern because she believes that education is the key to the future, and that teachers are the core of an effective education system.

The professor who had the biggest impact on Chavenus was Dr. Eric Bridges. He is a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at Clayton State University. Dr. Bridges showed Chavenus that true learning isn’t achieved by just lecturing and assigning textbook concepts for students to memorize, but by also teaching in an enjoyable way that makes those concepts memorable, relatable and useful to everyday life.

Pasquale Infante

 Pasquale Infante

Pasquale Infante is a junior at the University of Michigan, with a double major in psychology and communications. Throughout his life, he has determined that the most important thing one can learn is to continue to put forth your best effort against any and all obstacles. Pasquale will contribute as a Human Resources and Operations intern at 24/7 Teach. It is due to his interest in effective and helpful organization that he has discovered an interest in HR. Additionally, his value of education has led him to specifically seek an opportunity with 24/7 Teach. 

The teacher that impacted Pasquale the most was his 12th grade English teacher, Ms. McCartin. She taught Pasquale the importance of public speaking and stylistic writing. Additionally, she reinforced the importance of overcoming one's shyness in favor of learning how to effectively communicate his/her values. 

Daniel Nickels

 Daniel Nickels

Daniel Nickels is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Technology. He currently resides in Orlando, but was a military kid and has lived all over the United States. The teacher that made the greatest impact on his life is his Grandmother; she's been teaching various levels of mathematics for nearly 50 years. She’s one of the most significant influences in his life, and she actually inspired him to go Vegan."